Sand dunes of Mũi Né ⌛️

Day 48. Mũi Né is probably best known for its sand dunes and as a beach resort place, well suited for all kinds of watersports. I only stayed here for two nights as I was not really interested in a touristy resort place, but first things first.

Sand dunes

I arrived in Mũi Né in the evening and booked a sunrise tour to the sand dunes straight away. It meant I had to wake up at 4am, but it also meant fewer tourists and a more enjoyable landscape. So after an early sleep and pulling myself together in the early morning our small group arrived at the dunes a quick bus ride later. Cool thing was, the tour that I booked was insanely cheap (about 3$ for the dunes and some other sights, more on that later). Bad thing was, that we only realized upon arrival, the quad bikes to drive around here were not included in the price and were expensive as fuck. Always remember: if something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t!

We were already here so we decided to share the price for a guided Jeep that would drive us around to some nice spots. Although more and more groups began to arrive (so it slowly became more crowded) the dunes were pretty cool and I’d definitely go there again!

Sand dunes of Mui Ne

Fishing Village

Next spot on our organized tour-list was a fishing village. Since I was on the sunrise tour I have no idea what this place would look like in the afternoon. Everything related to fishing usually happens pretty early in the morning, so I was glad that we arrived so early. The vibe that was going on around here was quite interesting to see.

Fairy Stream

Last on our list was something called “Fairy Stream”. It’s a tiny river, only about ankle-deep, that is walked through barefoot. There are smaller sand hills overlooking the river that can be climbed. Strolling through the stream was quite relaxing and the surrounding Grand-Canyon-like boulders are interesting scenery.

Three pools for 2$ / Night

We got back from the tour around 10am and after some food, I immediately had to take a nap which I didn’t wake up from for quite a few hours. Spontaneously I decided not to stay much longer and booked a bus to Saigon for the next day.

In retrospect, I should have stayed longer here, for the sole reason that the hostel I stayed at was probably the cheapest ever. It was 2$ a night (no breakfast though) and it had three pools. Three! Pools! The reason for that was that it was connected to a rather expensive hotel and no matter if someone stayed at their budget hostel or the hotel: pool’s included.

Even if you’re a light sleeper and don’t enjoy dorms, it’s very tempting to just do something through the night and catch up on sleep during the morning by the pool with a few beers. Maybe not the most relaxing lifestyle but for sure a lot of fun for a few days! 🍻

But anyway: that was my short trip to Mũi Né. Saw some nature, had a swim, drank a few beers. Would do it again!

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