Phú Quốc 🏝

Day 62. After spending so much time in cities and mountains I decided it’s time to relax and recharge my batteries at the beach. I had quite high expectations about Phú Quốc because the pictures I saw were pretty stunning. My excitement was crushed quickly though, but first things first.

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Cat Tien Nationalpark 👨🏻‍🌾

Day 58. When I was in Dalat, a guy I met told me about a national park, located in the middle of the town and Saigon. It was called Cat Tien and I’ve never heard about it. When I returned to Saigon I kept thinking about it and thought I might just give it a try. Read more

Mekong Delta 🚣🏻

Day 56. Mekong Delta. The region west of Saigon, famous for the floating markets and scenic landscapes. There’s plenty of available tours you can book directly in Vietnam’s metropolis. I booked a three-day tour to several places and was more than excited to see what I would experience.

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Sand dunes of Mũi Né ⌛️

Day 48. Mũi Né is probably best known for its sand dunes and as a beach resort place, well suited for all kinds of watersports. I only stayed here for two nights as I was not really interested in a touristy resort place, but first things first.

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Stuck in Đà Lạt ⛰

Day 46. Dalat. The mountainous city in Southern Vietnam, known for canyoning trips, waterfalls, and the French-style architecture. I was more than looking forward to cool down here after sweating my ass of in Saigon.

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