Goodbye Vietnam 😢

Day 80. My trip is about to come to an end. After more than two months in Vietnam, I got really accustomed to the vibe, the people, the food, the traffic, the dirt and the noise and I’m really afraid to get a reverse culture shock when I get back to Europe. But everything has to come to an end I guess, right?

The last days

I spent my last days chilling out in Hanoi, drinking coconut coffee, meeting up with friends I made here and playing board games, having a good time with a few Bia Hoi at night and writing in my private analog book about my last few experiences. Overall I wrote about 140 pages covering 80 days of laughter, friendship, pain, drinks, sun, wind, rain and never-ending Bánh mì’s. It was sometimes annoying but I’m really glad I’ve done it because it’s such an amazing memory I can always look back to.

It was a seriously great experience to travel through this country for so long all by myself, I could not have imagined anything better and if you are still fighting with yourself about whether you should go on a solo adventure or not: do it, you don’t have anything to lose, but so much to gain! 🙌🏻

Writing about my last few experiences in my journal.

Bringing my own custom souvenir.

Coconut coffee in Hanoi.

Vietnamese balancing his big cock on his foot.

Having fun with friends in Hanoi.

Me and my boy Umar having a Bánh mì.

Checking out a new cap.

Heading out for some Bia Hoi.

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